A few days ago I received my IESE admission e-mail and am now in the fortunate position to choose between the two schools I applied to: IESE and ESADE.

I am reading anything I can find on those two schools and am trying to make an educated decision. However, I find that both schools have their individual pros and cons and have to figure out how to weigh those.

Today I spoke to an ESADE Alumn who came from Consulting and was confronted with the same choice. He was happy with ESADE and mainly used the collaborative and teamwork character, that the school represents, to build his argument for the school.

Basically it boils down to the following differences:


IESE: Traditional and conservative

ESADE: Collaborative and pluralistic


IESE: Central in Barcelona, short ride by moto from anywhere in the city

ESADE: Distant in St. Cugat – 1 hr by train and min. 30 min by moto


IESE: Recently dropped in the FT 2016 ranking, but consistently ranked in the world top 10 over the last years

ESADE: Always below IESE but still safe to consider Tier 1, well known as a Business School because of its various MSc programs

Professional Focus

IESE: Strong in Finance and Consulting

ESADE: Equal spread of different profiles, strong in tech and innovation. Most graduates go into industry.

Number of students

IESE: 297 students and your team remains the same for the whole program

ESADE: 180 students and teams are changed after each term (3 teams total)

And another interesting fact:

2015 Acceptance rates

IESE 25% out of 1951 applicants

ESADE 61% out of 555 applicants