2 Months in the MBA

I can’t believe it’s 2 months already. Time flies. I still feel like this whole new reality just began, but we’re approaching the mid-term exams already. The days have become busier and busier. You thought this week was demanding? Wait for the next.

I worked on a 20-hour written case analysis for Analysis of Business Problems, spent two 6-hour-sessions on a Marketing Pricing Simulation, developed the outline for a Leadership Video,  attended Saturday Consulting preparation workshops and practiced case interviews. All of this of course in addition to the standard 3 cases / day + Spanish classes.

It’s really hard to make the time, but I hold myself to not miss out on sports. It’s way below what I would usually do, but I joined the Rugby training sessions and went for a few runs so far. Still figuring out, how I can get regular gym sessions back into my routine.

One thing hasn’t changed: I’m still amazed of how much we learn here. I really feel the transformation and the personal improvement. IESE really does a great job so far.

Ernstjan, from our intensive spanish group, got married and invited us all
Group shot at the Korean Dinner
IESE library from the inside
View from the South Campus terrace
View from Park Güell
Got invited to a Japanese Dinner

One thought on “2 Months in the MBA

  1. Hey Andreas,

    Thanks for doing this blog. It’s great to see an insider’s experience in real time! I’m in the process of applying to IESE for entry next fall.




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