Incoming Scholarships

The effort starts to pay off. I recently received the notification, that I have been awarded with two scholarships. One of them really makes an impact, the other one is basically for the CV. Both of them are connected to, a career website that I joined when I started my MBA research.


IESE Scholarship – 10.000 €

This scholarship is for IESE students who are members. It is directly awarded by the IESE Scholarship Committee. There are two of these scholarships and I am lucky to receive one of them. The money will directly affect the tuition payments. 5,000 € for the first year and 5,000 € for the second year. However, if your grades during the first year are bad and you have to take the Academic Evaluation Process (knowledge exam), the scholarship for the next year will be canceled. Online Scholarship

The Online Scholarship is not about money. It gives you several German newspaper subscriptions, access to scientific databases, a mentorship program and a few free career books. Nothing fancy but a scholarship always looks good on the CV and might one day be useful.

I’m really happy that I secured these two – they will certainly make life easier and help me during the next years.



2 thoughts on “Incoming Scholarships

  1. Hi! I am interested in Spain MBA so that I was searching for the information and I found your blog. First of all Congrat for the acceptance and double congrat for the scholarship! I am currently working in Europe and I’m from Korea and also speak Spanish. If it’s not bothering you, May I ask you something more in detail about the process? Anyhow, your post are quite helpful. I’ll be appreciated of your reply! Thanks!

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    1. Hi Pekenita,
      Thanks for your comment. It’s great that your’re considering an MBA for yourself and I’m delighted to see that my posts have value for MBA applicants.
      Drop me a mail at or find me on FB (Andreas Ramon Canel) so we can chat. I’m happy to share more details about my application experience.


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